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Emraw Chalk Assorted Chalk Dustless Non-Toxic Multi Colored Chalkboard Chalk School Office and Sidewalk Outdoor Chalk Block Bundle for Art and Home Board Chalk Pack of 48

  • $3600

About Emraw Chalk Assorted Chalk Dustless

Box of 24 sticks of white dustless chalk. 3"L x 3/8" diameter. Non-toxic. Dustless Chalk does not contain the following common allergens, Does not contain Latex; Does not contain Dairy & Casein etc. white chalk is For children's chalkboards, construction paper, cardboard boxes, paper bags. Tapered Conical Shape Prevents Chalk from Rolling Away, toddler chalk Play fun driveway and sidewalk games like Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe and more, edible chalk Washable Sidewalk Chalk, chalk board for kids Corrugated Cushions in Box Helps Prevent Sidewalk Chalk from Breaking

Erase Easily: 

Wipes away cleanly from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth. Does not work with chalkboard paint. Not all surfaces are non-porous. Always test first! use for school chalkboards White Chalk Sticks are made to be used on children's chalkboards. This toy is suitable for indoor or outdoor play. Ideal for children at home or on the go, A great outdoor activity where your child can express creativity and imagination

Extra Durable and Creativity: 

Create sidewalk art that stands out with multiple different colors for your house. While other brands of markers have tips that fray easily, Emraw high-density reversible marker tips are built for professional use. dry erase chalks for kids is great for indoor & outdoor use! chalkboard chalk is also perfect for kids, non toxic chalk Bold body but writes fine line, non toxic sidewalk chalk is Durable for long-time use, kids chalk very reasonable and Work perfect for our black menu board, or any other chalk board

  • Great for early childhood settings
  • Recommended for outdoor use
  • Non-toxic and fun for all ages
  • School Smart offers high quality education materials

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