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Dry Erase Markers, White Board Fine Tip Pens Assorted Bright Colors with Chisel Point, Comfortable Grip, Erasable, Low Odor Ink | for Kids, School, Classrooms, Charts, and Graphs – By Emraw

  • $399

  • The dry erase markers are great for white board use, these markers erase cleanly and easily with a dry cloth or whiteboard eraser perfect for use in classrooms, offices, schools, homes, camps, and daycares.
  • SPECS: The whiteboard markers come in black, blue, green, and red bright nontoxic ink which is easy to see from a distance, it dries quickly, and is easy to erase.
  • QUALITY: The bright vivid ink is smear proof, visible, and provides consistent color quality leaves no smudges or marker stains on your whiteboard, easy clean-up, for use on whiteboards, glass, and most non porous surfaces.
  • DESIGN: The fine chisel point allows to mark broad, medium, and fine lines. The classic thick pen marker is perfectly designed providing a great grip while drawing, increasing the quality of your writings.
  • The Emraw stuff are 100% trustable, guaranteed, well serviced, a bargain to buy.


About the Emraw Dry Erase Marker:
Our bright color dry erase markers come in four colors with a chisel tip which allows the users to have two-line widths and gives the writing a neat and attractive look on the white board.

These thick dry erase marker pens are perfect to use for white board writing. The chisel tip makes it very convenient allowing to draw broad, medium, and fine lines with only one marker, you can create charts, graphs, drawings, and writings in schools, classrooms, homes, camps, daycares, and offices.

The brilliant colors give the marker great advantage for kids’, students, and teachers making their classes and projects much more exciting.

It includes four markers of different colors, red, blue, green, and black.

The whiteboard pens are excellent for art and writings
It erases easily from the white board
Great for school, crafts, and writing
Assorted color and bold writing

Make your whiteboard writing exciting and colorful!