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Emraw 4 Color Retractable Ball Point Pen Silver Top Cushion Grip – For Home, School & Office (Pack of 4)

  • $2599

<b> About the Emraw Color Pen :</b><br>

<b>Using Scope:</b><br>

Emraw Color Pen is using for Student’s, Teachers, officers & other people for writing in Different colors at a time.

<b>How it looks:</b><br>.

This Emraw Color Pen is Packaged by a Round Shaped Penstick. It has pocket clips that adds style and convenience. <br>

<b>Where It Can use:</b><br>

This Emraw Color Pen is uses for Writing. Advantages in this pen has 4 Color in One stick. It may very useful to Students, Teachers, Officers & many more who’s are writing or signing.  <br>

<b>The Problem:</b><br>

You may have Black Color Pen. But you need some other color also. As usual you need several pens for several colors. But if you find 4 Color’s In a single Penstick ? <br>

<b>Out Solution:</b><br>

If  you have Emraw Color Pen the you can find more colors in a Stick. Emraw Color Pen provide the Solution. </p>