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Emraw Dual Hole Manual Pencil Sharpener with Lid & Rectangular Receptacle to Catch Shavings for Regular & Oversize Pencils/Crayons in Blue, Green, Pink & Black Great for School Home & Office - 4-Pack

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Emraw Rectangular Manual Pencil Sharpeners for Kids

The Problem:
The point breaks off your pencil or your crayon becomes too rounded to color in the smaller sections of the picture.


Our Solution:
Whether in school or at home, kids need the right tools & these rectangular pencil/crayon sharpeners get the job done.
The sharp blades on these sharpeners put a careful point on crayons & pencils. Less breakage means less waste & more time working on projects in school or at home.
Those fat crayons can be hard to sharpen because they don’t fit in a traditional school sharpener. These sharpeners have two holes, one to accommodate oversize pencils & crayons.


Convenient low price single pack puts sharpeners where you need them.
With a couple of dual hole pencil sharpeners, you can keep one in school & one at home, or one in the office & one in your bag. You always have a cray-on sharpener for kids wherever you go.


Bright Colors are Fun for Kids
Coloring is fun for kids. These colorful sharpeners with rectangle receptacles make it even more fun. 
Bright colors make these sharpeners easy to locate in your bag or pencil case.


Rectangle Receptacle for Neat Work Space
The rectangle receptacle attached to these sharpeners keeps the shavings from falling on the floor. Fewer trips to the trash bin are required to sharpen pencils & crayons, so the fun can continue uninterrupted.


School Pencil Sharpeners to Share.
Everyone needs a sharpener for school work & projects. Time is wasted waiting to share the same sharpener with all the other kids. Crayons don’t break one at a time. 
These dual hole pencil sharpeners are fun to share.


Safe & Easy for Kids
Rectangle pencil sharpeners are easy for small fingers to manipulate. The sharp blades are carefully concealed, making these safe for kids to use on their own.

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