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Emraw Multi-Purpose Assorted Glue Set of White Glue, Stick Glue, Pen Glue - Safe Smooth Wrinkle Acid Free - for School, Home & Office (2-Pack)

  • $4500

About the Emraw Assorted Glue Set :
Using Scope:
This Emraw Assorted Glue Set is perfect for Paper, School, Craft, Faric & More materials. It has a wide spreader tip to help you cover a larger area. The other side of the glue pen tip is a precision tip, to help you with those small and narrow areas. 
How it looks:
It Goes On Smooth, Dries Clear And Safe For Children. Washes Out Easily. 
How it Works:
It is totally without Acid. It's able to be washed. Rinsing Away with Soap and Warm Water, It create easier option to clean. 
Where It Can use:
Ideal for school, projects and crafts. Bond strong and dries clear. It will also fit nicely with other office supplies right in your desk. 
The Problem:
Sometime you need to add a Paper on wall or attach a picture on application or attach holder on wall but these can’t attached automatically ? You need something..
Our Solution:
Emraw Dual Tip White Glue is provide the Solution. When you have Emraw Dual Tip White Glue then you just remove the cork , drop some liquid in to the paper or holder & attached them in wall. The easier & quicker solution