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White Round Hole Reinforcement Labels, Strengthen and Repair Punched Holes, Stickers Self Adhesive Labels, for School Home and Office - by Emraw (Pack of 3264 Labels) Brand: Emraw

  • $599

  • ✓The permanent adhesive keeps labels in place for enduring reinforcement and rings come in white, or clear to reinforce without covering up important information. Clear labels blend into your pages and won't conceal important information. Prepare documents for filing in binders or fastener folders with these reinforcement labels
  • ✓Specification: The back of the reinforcement labels has strong adhesiveness which can store for a long time after pasted and not easy to fall off. Strong adhesive can be removed easily without leaving behind annoying residue. The labels are made from stronger material and give your documents the protection they need
  • ✓Quality: Reinforcement labels are made of waterproof and good quality synthetic paper. Suitable for repairing holes and strengthening holes that aren't damaged When you flip the pages it can protect the holes in the thin paper away from the break. Highly customizable labels allow you to showcase a professional presentation for any purpose
  • ✓Design: These Reinforcement Labels are designed to strengthen and repair punched holes. Apply the reinforcements to your standard-size punched holes to provide a durable border that resists tearing. Your punched holes will be stronger for the experience. Standard hole size labels will not rip or tear
  • ✓Uses: Reinforcement Labels are fit for library, school, home or office documents, loose-leaf folder, calendar, sheet music in a binder. For loose-leaf folders, loose-leaf papers, scores, calendars, use in offices, schools, libraries, and home, etc. The labels stickers with various uses in your office, class, storage, educational projects, etc